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Global Sustainability

Global Sustainability

Global Sustainability

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Solutions, engagement, education and research to enable better lives.

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Connecting researchers with each other and with practitioners to collaborate on solutions to today’s most pressing sustainability challenges.


Partnerships and events connect the university with diverse communities locally, nationally and globally to engage in critical, solutions-focused dialogue.


Degree programs with a focus in sustainability studies continue to evolve across the university, bridging disciplines and educating leaders.


Through a focus on use-inspired, transdisciplinary research, our work has purpose and impact, creating the trajectory toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

Sustainability News

Seminar provides sunny outlook on solar in Kosovo

Seminar provides sunny outlook on solar in Kosovo

With programming support from the School of Sustainability, two ASU professors presented a two-week seminar on the renewable energy potential of Kosovo – currently powered by coal – to university faculty members in that country.

Locust outbreak brings ASU expert to Argentina

Locust outbreak brings ASU expert to Argentina

The worst locust outbreak Argentina had experienced in 60 years brought Arianne Cease, a School of Sustainability professor and locust expert, to that country to discuss rapid responses to swarms – the motivation behind her Global Locust Consortium.

Taking useful technology to market

Taking useful technology to market

Slotting it at 38th in their annual rankings of utility patents earned by universities worldwide, the National Academy of Inventors and the Intellectual Property Owners Association recognized the environment of creativity fostered by ASU.

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