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Research Focal Areas

Research Focal Areas

Research Focal Areas

The Center for Biodiversity Outcomes supports research projects and partnerships that focus on developing innovative solutions to biodiversity challenges. The Center brings together producers of knowledge with consumers of knowledge toward the goal of pursuing research that leads to use-inspired solutions and action in five key areas.

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Biodiversity Assessment and Decision Tools

Working to develop and apply rigorous approaches to biodiversity assessments and decision-making tools.

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Advancing Corporate Sustainability

Exploring new tools and processes to improve corporate sustainability and biodiversity outcomes.

Governance and Biodiversity

Studying the effectiveness of different approaches to decision-making and stakeholder involvement on biodiversity issues.

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Public Health and Biodiversity

Conducting research and creating awareness to ensure biodiversity benefits to human well-being and developing solutions that benefit both nature and people.

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Public Engagement in Biodiversity Science

Developing unique education programs that provide environmental and ecological literacy and education access to underserved and underrepresented groups.

Urban Biodiversity

Urban Biodiversity

Researching biodiversity in rapidly expanding urban areas to conserve species and their habitats while managing human needs for energy, clean water, and access to nature.