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Welcome to your new website!

Built on ASU’s new web standards

Our newly revamped sustainability website incorporates many improvements:

Improved User Experience

  • Navigation is streamlined so visitors can browse and find things much easier.
  • Layout is modular so that content is easily added or adjusted whithout major navigation changes.
  • Provides visitors with a portal into all things Sustainability@ASU.
  • Includes a new Expert Search function that can search for expertize or people.
  • Expert Search is now “business skills ready” as per the Town Hall suggestion.
  • ASU Sustainability initiatives are more prominately showcased including Prospectus, Operations, 2014 Highlights, etc.
  • Site navigation is flattened so that pages are not buried deep in the site.
  • Site has been “cleaned” to remove underused and out of date content.

Enhanced Web Presence

  • Code is more easily read by Google and other web crawlers that index websites.
  • Site-maps are automatically created for uploading into search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is prioritized and more easily incorporated.
  • New sub-site structure will allow smaller project/research websites to benefit from main site SEO.

Technical Enhancements

  • Site is now ASU web standards compliant.
  • Site is now responsive i.e. mobile/tablet friendly.
  • Now powered by a content management system, which reduces the training requirements for staff members who manage content.
  • New front-end editor also reduces the skills levels required for content managers.
  • The new Expert Search function can be shared across multiple GIOS affiliated sites.
  • New Events and News functions can be shared across multiple GIOS affiliated sites, and tailored site by site.
  • SEO plug-in advises content managers on SEO choices.