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Research Themes

Design Storms map

Design Storms

How to place design storms given climate uncertainty remains a significant challenge for infrastructure resilience. This Task Force is developing new insights for how to modernize the design process and what design storms mean in a climate-impacted future.
Green Infrastructure image

Green Infrastructure

Our green infrastructure research efforts are focusing on: 1) the specifics of design or governance in particular cities; and 2) generating new research that compares various aspects of GI across a number of our network cities.
Water park on a summer day

Social Value of Adaptation and Resilience Projects

This UREx SRN research theme focuses on two primary objectives: (1) the conceptual development of a framework for understanding social value creation in the climate adaptation and resilience context and (2) knowledge exchange between cities: sharing successful climate projects that have generated significant social values in addition to mitigating climate risks such as droughts, heat waves, urban flooding, coastal flooding, and sea level rise. The second objective is achieved through the development and publication of the Social Value of Adaptation and Resilience Case Study Database.