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Urban Resilience SRN Opportunities

Educational and Employment Opportunities

The UREx SRN is hiring staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate fellows and undergraduate students across the network. Watch this space for opportunities.

Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellowships are available for the Urban Resilience Sustainability Research Network. This exciting, multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research project is focused on generating the knowledge and promoting actions that will ensure resilience of cities in the face of extreme events. The graduate fellowship program will be a distributed program among ten institutions with degree programs in ecology, social science, engineering, physical science, and sustainability. Postdoctoral fellows will work in more focused working groups. The cities in this network include Baltimore MD, Hermosillo (Sonora, Mexico), Miami FL, New York NY, Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, San Juan PR, Syracuse NY, and Valdivia (Chile).

Postdoctoral Fellows are currently being recruited to work at multiple institutions in the network (see listings below). ASU is recruiting three postdocs to work with the City Comparisons, SETS Integration, and Scenarios working groups under the mentorship of Nancy Grimm, Charles Redman, Mikhail Chester, and David Iwaniec. Postdoctoral fellows will be full participants in annual All-Hands meetings, receive training in science communication and leadership, and lead the development of research projects. The goal of this training program is to provide an environment and programs in which diverse people (in terms of career stage, sector, ethnicity, culture, and discipline) may collaboratively learn about the impacts of extreme events on urban areas and how to promote the resilience of urban SETS infrastructure.

Inquiries: Prospective postdoctoral fellows should contact mentors listed in the table below for postdoctoral positions. Hiring will be subject to the policies and procedures of individual institutions. Active links in the “Apply here” column are current openings.

Institution Mentor(s) Topic (Apply Here)