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SOS 498/594: Fall 2015

There is a dearth of documented sustainability best practices in urban systems in the sectors of sustainable energy, water, waste management, urban forestry, food systems, transportation and health in arid and semi-arid environment. Practitioners and policy makers seek best practices and case studies to draw information from and for comparative purposes for improved decision making. In this workshop, students collaborate with stakeholders from cities and municipalities, and shadow selected officials to design, explore, verify and disseminate activities that are being currently implemented and have not been documented. Using standardized practices, this highly collaborative work forms the basis of the cities’ real time case studies and best practices in any chosen sector. Dr. Nalini Chhetri designed and taught the course, where students worked with municipalities and public sector agencies to document and research best practices, draft case studies and provide insight on a variety of sustainability topics.

Fall 2015

SOS 494/598 Urban Sustainability Best Practices/Case Studies was a graduate/senior level course offered in Fall 2015 by the School of Sustainability and taught by Dr. Nalini Chhetri. The following are the final deliverables and presentation materials that were completed at the conclusion of the Fall 2015 semester. They were presented at a meeting hosted by SCN on December 3rd, 2015. The presentations from this semester are listed below.

City of Avondale: Complete Streets

City of Peoria: Best Management Practices for Sustainable Desert Community Parks

City of Tempe: Master Urban Forester Program

Urban Tree Planting: Benefits Outweigh Costs to Phoenix

Planning for a Resilient Future: A Climate Vulnerability Assessment for the Florence Military Reservation

Sparky’s Guide to Sustainability: University Sustainability Practices at ASU

Glendale Water Conservation Video

Maricopa County Green Government Program Video

Maricopa County Air Quality and Ozone Educational Videos

Mesa Multi-Family Housing Program

  • Presentation by Taylor Reimann, Nikole Bunger, Joseph Zarroli, and Christopher Brush. Video script
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