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SOS 498/594: Urban Sustainability Best Practices/Case Studies, Dr. Nalini Chhetri

SOS 498/594 Urban Sustainability Best Practices/Case Studies was is a graduate/senior level course offered in by the School of Sustainability. Designed by Dr. Nalini Chhetri and advised by Anne Reichman, in this course students work with municipalities and public-sector agencies to document, analyze and research best practices, compare case studies and provide insights on a variety of sustainability topics. At the links are the final deliverables and presentation materials that were completed at the conclusion of every Fall semester the course was offered.

SOS 321: Policy and Governance in Sustainable Systems, Dr. Michael Schoon

SOS 321 was an undergraduate level course offered in Spring 2015 by the School of Sustainability. Michael Schoon taught and designed the course. Municipal clients presented problems to students who provided research and solutions. The final presentations can be found at the link, along with the two presentations that were given at the School of Sustainability Open House: Engaging With Cities Luncheon.