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Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee is responsible for the development and management of the Sustainable Cities Network. The Committee and driving force behind the network includes, ASU’s and pioneering communities from the Valley. Together these communities and their representative, guide the Network on a monthly basis by identifying priorities, opportunities, best practices, and challenges.

Hether Krause

Hether Krause, City of Avondale

Hether Krause is the Environmental and Sustainability Program Manager for the .
Robert Goff

Robert Goff and Danae Presler, City of Chandler

is the Utility Analyst for the .
Danae Presler is the Neighborhood Resources Management Assistant for the .
Nicole Antonopoulos

Nicole Antonopoulos, City of Flagstaff

is the Sustainability Manager for the .
City of Glendale logo

Megan Sheldon, City of Glendale

is the Environmental Programs Manager for the .

Scott Bouchie and Laura Hyneman, City of Mesa

Scott BouchieScott Bouchie is the Director of the Environmental Management and Sustainability Department at the

is the Deputy Director of the Environmental Management and Sustainability Department at the .

Lisa Estrada

Lisa Estrada, City of Peoria

is the Economic Efficiency and Sustainability Initiative Manager at the .
Mark Hartman

Mark Hartman, City of Phoenix

is the Chief Sustainability Officer for the .
City of Scottsdale logo

Tim Conner, City of Scottsdale

Tim Conner is the Environmental Initiatives Manager at the .
Bonnie Richardson

Bonnie Richardson and Braden Kay, City of Tempe

is the Principal Planner for the .
Braden Kay is the Director of Sustainability for the .
Leslie Ethen

Leslie Ethen, City of Tucson

is the Director of the Office of Conservation and Sustainable Development at the .
Phil McNeely

Phil McNeely, Maricopa County Air Quality Department

is the Director of the .
Scott Unger

Scott Unger, Maricopa County Facilities Management Department

is an Energy Analyst for the .

Meredith Simpson and Nalini Chhetri, Arizona State University

is the Chief of Staff of Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.

is a Senior Sustainability Scientist within the Arizona State University School of Sustainability and Faculty within ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society.

Sustainable Cities Network Staff

is the Director for the Sustainable Cities Network and for ASU’s Project Cities.

is the Student Assistant for the Sustainable Cities Network and is an ASU student pursuing a Masters in Sustainability Solutions.