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Regional Tree & Shade Summit 2.0 – PowerPoints from the Summit

The Regional Tree & Shade Summit 2.0 was a huge success, thanks to our partners, sponsors, and volunteers. We had over 200 attendees from across Arizona that came to learn more about improving urban forestry in the desert with water and planning constraints in mind. Missed the event? Check out the PowerPoints from the Summit!

Morning Session

Track 1: Roots

Policy & Planning

Session 1 – Urban Trees in a Desert City: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

Session 2 – Beyond Planning: Implementing Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities

Session 3 – Constructing the Urban Forest: Creating Standards & Policies That Grow Healthy Trees

Track 2: Trunk

 Engagement & Advocacy

Session 1 – Green Infrastructure Projects and the Public Strategies Towards Success

Session 2 – Living Community Engagement and Urban Forestry

Session 3 – A Tale of Three Cities: Different Paths to Tree and Shade Planning

Track 3: Branches

Management & Environment

Session 1 – Species Diversity: Ideas and Lessons in Tree Selection for Urban Forests

Session 2 – Urban Forestry Management, Contracts and Maintenance

Session 3 – When Trees Aren’t An Option: Structural Shade in a ‘Cool’ City