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Regional Tree & Shade Summit

Growing Connections: Roots to Branches

March 9, 2011 at the AE England Building in Downtown Phoenix

Morning Session Presentations

Keynote Address

Working Together to Cultivate Green Infrastructure

Afternoon Track & Session Presentations

Track 1: Roots/Planning & Environment – Main Auditorium, AE England Building

Session 1: Planning for Growth of the Urban Forest – The Municipal & Community Partnership

Session 2: Challenge to Action: Codes, Communications and Collaboration

Session 3: Green Infrastructure: Integrated and Interactive

Track 2: Trunk/Management & Economics – University Center, Rm 234

Session 1: Defining Urban Forest Assets: Tree Assessments and Inventories

Session 2: Full Circle: The Construction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Urban Forest

  • Ed Lebow & Elizabeth Grajales – City of Phoenix

Session 3: Sustainable Landscapes: From Design to Maintenance

Track 3: Branches/Community & Social – Lower Level, AE England Building

Session 1: Community Assets: Developing and Strengthening Tree Boards, Advisory Committees and Urban Forestry Partnerships

Session 2: Perspectives in Sustainable Management of Urban Forests in Central Arizona

Session 3: Stormwater Urban Design Systems – Making SUDS

Interested in joining the SCN Tree & Shade Workgroup? Please email Anne Reichman at