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sustainABLE kits

In collaboration with our partners at the ASU Center for Engagement & Training in Science & Society along with other museum professionals, we are developing sustainABLE Activity Kits that museums can use to involve their visitors in hands-on sustainability activities. These educational kits currently include five hands-on activities and marketing materials to help museums engage and educate their visitors about sustainability.

In July 2016, the initial prototypes of the kits were distributed to 50 science centers and natural history museums across the world. In subsequent years, distribution will look to scale to include hundreds of museums that can model sustainability to their guests around the globe.

Although no more physical kits are available at this time you can download either individual activities or the whole suite. We include everything you need to use the activity kits in your home institution. Below you’ll find printable activities, marketing resources, training materials, and more).

Hands-on Activities


Can you create a sustainable future city?
The game introduces the three pillars of sustainability—society, economy, and environment—and allows participants to consider the tradeoffs associated with building different things, especially the high cost and relative scarcity of environmental resources. 

Water Roll

You decide where the water should go!
In this game, participants allocate one of our most important and scarcest resources: fresh water. They allocate “water” to farms, factories, and homes by rolling 10 marbles down a tube. Then, they have to decide what to do if a drought took away 30% of their water!

My Community

Imagine a more sustainable neighborhood!
With inspiration from images of places that have changed over time, participants draw their neighborhood and consider what they like about it and what they would add or change. This activity encourages participants to think about how to be sustainability change agents in their community.

Creative Reinvention

Guess what these things are made of!
Participants will look at different images of everyday items and try to guess what the product was made of. During this game, participants will learn about the concept of a circular economy, and see creative, clever, and surprising examples of pre- and post-consumer recycling.

High Five for the Future

Make a pledge to the more sustainable world!
Participants write down something they can do to support sustainability into the future. Parents can take a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag #high5future

Systems Scramble

One change can effect everything else!
This activity has each participant represent one piece of a larger system. This allows them to embody and visualize how systems are interconnected and how one small change to one piece can impact the whole system.

Share your spin!

Because sustainability is place-based and each city/town and institution is unique, we encourage you to modify and adapt these kits to suit your needs. We’d love to see your changes and potentially feature it on our website. Please use this form to submit your spin on sustainABLE. PNGs and JPEGs are preferred.

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Training and Marketing Materials