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Congratulations Class of 2015

ASU’s first Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership class ready to change the world

On January 16, 2015, the inaugural class of the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership graduated from Arizona State University. The 13-month program, offered by the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives and the School of Sustainability, equips current professionals to lead transformative and sustainable change in their organization. The program features a mix of online courses and in-person workshops taught by faculty members Bruno Sarda, Director of Global Sustainability Operations at Dell, Inc.; George Basile, professor in the School of Sustainability; Park Howell, president of communications firm Park&Co; and Kevin Gazzara, author and senior partner at Magna Leadership Solutions. Mid-program, the students and faculty travel to the Netherlands to study sustainability leadership in a global context.
Mike Amico

“I am noticing that I am viewing the world through a different lens. Everything I see I want to look for ways to collaborate or make it better.”

-Mike Amico
Solar Energy Advisor, Sunrun
Phoenix, Arizona

Rosalynn Dodd-Peschl

“I owned a small business with about 30 employees. The business always had a sustainability focus, but because of the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program, I was able to apply a more cohesive sustainability strategy. This commitment to sustainability truly set us apart from our competition and resulted in an offer to purchase the business that I couldn’t refuse. In addition, the credibility and experience that I have gained through the program has resulted in numerous conference invitations for me to speak on sustainability and leadership in business.”

-Rosalynn Dodd Peschl
Former Owner, Leela Eco Spa & Studio
Owner, Creating Eudaimonia Inc.
Calgary, Canada

Mike Herod

“As a consultant for a federal agency, I expand on and practice every lesson from the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program. My office is full of ASU pride and when asked where I learned or how I know what to do, I just point and smile. I am using what I learned every day and it is making a difference!”

-Mike Herod
Sustainability Consultant, LMI Government Consulting
Washington, D.C.

Tim Trefzer

“The Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program pushed me to look at how my organization is affected by external environmental factors and how our business in turn affects the global environment. The program helped me break out of the bubble I tend to operate in and consider the bigger picture regarding business needs for the future.”

-Tim Trefzer
Sustainability Manager, Georgia World Congress Center Authority
Atlanta, Georgia

Pratik Patel

“I used the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program as a platform to help create a Green Team at American Express, which includes individuals like me who are avid believers in the concept of sustainability across multiple business units. Our mission is to educate, inspire and engage AmEx employees about sustainability issues as well as identifying and implementing cost-effective solutions to help AmEx operate in a more sustainable fashion.”

-Pratik Patel
Technologies Vendor Specialist, American Express
Phoenix, Arizona

Bonnie Richardson

“The instructors went out of their way to provide a stimulating classroom setting online. The information was relevant and presented in a coordinated and creative manner. It was a very challenging course of study that expanded my understanding of how our complex network of systems, and the choices we make, impact the wellbeing of our communities, the economy and the environment.”

-Bonnie Richardson
Architect/Principal Planner, City of Tempe
Tempe, Arizona

“I now pay more attention to communicating my ideas from the point of view of my audience. This program provided me leadership skills that I am now transferring into my career and sharing with the people around me.”

-Adeyemi Adewole
CEO, Adcem Healthcare LTD
Founder, Sustainability School Lagos
Lagos, Nigeria
(here with faculty members George Basile, Park Howell, Kevin Gazzara and Bruno Sarda)

“I now have the language and increased confidence to stand firm in my personal and professional commitment to promoting a values-based, foundational strategy in business.”

-Debra Emmanuelle
Founder, Green Papillon
Sedona, Arizona
(here with Dean Christopher Boone and faculty members George Basile, Park Howell, Kevin Gazzara and Bruno Sarda)

“This program was immensely helpful to me in developing processes to leverage sustainability as a game changer for business strategy and impact.”

-Jamie Bohan
Senior Director of Recycle and Tech, Republic Services
Phoenix, Arizona

“The Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program allowed me to exceed so much further beyond what I thought was possible in such a short amount of time. The connections and knowledge I gained from the faculty and staff is unmatched by any other organization I’ve worked with.”

-Bryan McLaren
CEO, Zoned Properties, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona

“I more than just expanded my professional network—I made friends that I know I can learn from for the rest of my life.”

-Thomas Williams
Coordinator of Sustainability Programs, Scottsdale Community College
Scottsdale, Arizona

“I have better clarity on what my role will be for the second half of my life. I say my life because making a decision to live through sustainability principles imposes sameness on the individual, regardless of disposition. I now speak only one language.”

-Olufemi Olarewaju
Research Fellow, The Center for Public Policy Alternatives
Co-Founder, Sustainability School Lagos
Lagos, Nigeria


“During the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program, I learned that sustainability is truly about shared value. In my world of health provider education, it’s about understanding the broader view of healing and knowing and teaching that restorative solutions are possible at all levels, including patient care, population health, costs and especially the life-giving natural world that sustains us.”

-Denise Kronsteiner
Marketing Communications Research Writer
ASU College of Health Solutions
Tempe, Arizona

“The comprehensive curriculum and the supportive relationships in the cohort left me feeling credible and optimistic about leading transformative change in the workplace. The capstone project was a vehicle to building concrete foundations, processes and next steps for furthering sustainable development in the workplace.”

-Anamica Srinivasaragavan
Senior Engineer and Sustainability Program Lead, Bayer HealthCare
Berkeley, California

“After running my own architecture and design practice for almost 30 years, I am looking to use my design experience and team building skills in combination with my passion for saving our environment. I intend to continue to develop my capstone project as a nonprofit – “A Kid by Nature” – and will be working to bring conservation, biomimicry, environmental education, sustainability and eco-art into K-12 programs. I look forward to applying all that I have learned through the program!”

-Colleen Mahoney
Founder and Director, A Kid by Nature
Berkeley, California

Class of 2015

Congratulations to our inaugural graduates!

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