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Mara DeFilippis

Mara DeFilippis
Project Engagement Manager, Global Sustainability Solutions Services, Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives

Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives
Arizona State University
PO Box 878009
Tempe, AZ 85287-8009

Known as one who "gets things done" in sustainability (and usually with a smile), Mara is a Project Manager with Global Sustainability Solutions Services. Previously, Mara worked with the Energize Phoenix project at the Institute, and prior came from working on the State Energy Sector Partnership (SESP) grant in the Economic Development Dept. with the City of Phoenix.  She is the founder of The Green Chamber: Greater Phoenix and was appointed CEO of the organization in 2008. The Green Chamber is the reflection of her vision of a more responsible and long-sighted, sustainable economy.

Prior to founding the Green Chamber, Mara spent several years with Merrill Lynch and a local boutique securities broker as a CPA and licensed financial advisor. During her time in the securities industry, she focused on identifying socially and environmentally responsible companies for clients who had a commitment to socially responsible investments. It is her belief that current economic shifts offer a tremendous capacity and opportunity for growth and profits in sustainable and socially conscious industries.

Mara graduated Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a degree in accounting and previously has been a licensed CPA.  She has a track record of championing sustainable economic solutions, children’s and women’s causes.  Currently she volunteers at Co-Chair of the Energy Efficiency Committee of the Arizona Energy Consortium and serves on the Energy Committee with Arizona Forward. She currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona with her amazing and spirited son, Nicholas.

BA, Accounting, Arizona State University



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