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Andrew Bernier

Andrew Bernier
Senior Sustainability Fellow, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Walton Sustainability Fellowship Program, Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives

Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives
Arizona State University
PO Box 878009
Tempe, AZ 85287-8009

Dr. Andrew Bernier is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives. Guided by a decade of professional work as a secondary science and sustainability teacher, adjunct faculty and public radio science correspondent, his questions about sustainability often focus on how well we design, organize, run and communicate knowledge systems for sustainability solutions. His approach to sustainability is rooted in developing preventative measures to avoid wasted time, talent and resources while leveraging local, naturally occurring abundance of cultural, intellectual and ecological resources. Essentially, how is sustainability the smart way of living on this planet and how can we get more people on board with it?

Astounded by how stubbornly persistent the question “what is sustainability?” lingers in the public, Andrew’s research centers on how we can intentionally design structures, models and mechanisms to make sustainability inherently more accessible (cognitively and participatory) to more people. Having earned his doctorate at Prescott College’s program in Sustainability Education, his dissertation focused on the writing, design and implementation of a four-year high school honors sustainability STEM curriculum based on systems dynamics, particularly naturally occurring systems in a nod to biomimicry. His research found students taught through systems design were better apt to understand, perform and enjoy core sustainability competencies.  

The communication of sustainability has always been paramount to Andrew’s work, from his self-designed undergraduate focus of communication of sustainable development, hosting and directing a sustainability news-magazine show on Ithaca College radio, to serving as a staff editor and social media manager for the Journal of Sustainability Education. Prior to joining ASU, Andrew served as the first Science and Innovation Correspondent at KJZZ, the National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate in Phoenix, AZ. There he pitched, researched, interviewed, wrote, voiced and produced more than 160 stories ranging from feature length pieces to spot news. While there he helped establish the Arizona Science Desk, a collaboration between all four Arizona public radio stations to share and distribute science content both locally and nationally. He is also a member of the National Association of Science Writers.

In addition to teaching at ASU’s School of Sustainability and contributing to WSSI projects, Andrew aims to develop curricular models that help students and educators map and display a student’s systems thinking, understand how sustainable urban design can help improve the public’s knowledge capacity and develop methods of communication and storytelling to enhance sustainability messaging.

PhD, Sustainability Education, Prescott College, 2015

MEd, Secondary Education (Science), Arizona State University, 2010

BA, Environmental Studies, Ithaca College, 2007

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Radio Broadcasts

Thesis (PhD)


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