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Videoconferencing Information

Video Conferencing Options

ASU provides Zoom and Skype for Business as videoconferencing options. Both products are enterprise grade and readily accessible for Institute faculty and staff. Check out the links below for more information:

Getting started with Zoom
Zoom Video Tutorials

Videoconferencing Etiquette

To get the best performance (and to avoid frustration), plan ahead

For all users:

  • Connect a few minutes early so that technical issues can be resolved
  • A “meeting chair” should control the meeting and individual contributions
  • To contribute, raise your hand and wait to be recognized by the chairperson
  • Make eye contact periodically, so remote participants don’t feel excluded
  • Avoid multiple people speaking at once
  • Avoid side conversations, as these result in interference for other users

For all remote users:

  • Make sure remote hardware meets recommended specifications
  • Mute microphone when not speaking