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Workshop on Community Design Charrettes

Dec 5th, 2008

As part of the St. Luke’s Health InitiativesWhat is Community? Voices and Choices for Sustainability Conference, the Stardust Center conducted a workshop on Community Design Charrettes. The aim was to introduce local community organizations to the charrette process as a potential tool for community engagement and consensus-building in planning the future of their communities.

A PowerPoint presentation provided an overview of the use and purpose of charrettes, charrette components, and process. This was followed by two “hands-on” charrette exercises where participants worked on ways to design a healthy community, focusing on: food; organized recreation and active living; social interaction and networking; and security and safety. Photos from the charrettes show the maps and icons participants used in proposing and debating their ideas.

Afterwards, all participants and observers reflected on the process and discussed ways to use and refine this technique in their organizations and communities. A graphic recorder encapsulated these assessments and processes.

Workshop organizers included: Ernesto Fonseca, Sherry Ahrentzen, Lisa Dwyer and Elif Tural from the Stardust Center; and Sophia Liang who was the graphic recorder.

PowerPoint Presentation
View the graphic of the charrette
Resources on design charrettes