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Villas Rosalinda

Jun 2nd, 2008

This new 65-unit development is a mixed-income homeownership community in south Phoenix. The project, undertaken for Phoenix Housing Partnership, is a model infill project of single family homes.

To achieve greater density while retaining a detached housing type, the project utilizes a two-story unit designed to fit on narrow 32 feet-wide lots.The sense of density is reduced by incorporating one-story massing along the streetscape. To increase the usable space of the yards on smaller lots, a use-easement is utilized between the units, with only high windows on the facing unit to allow privacy in the side yards. In addition, the units incorporate courtyards, which both increase private outdoor space and allow cross-ventilation and day-lighting within the units. Alleyways are used in the development to reduce the impact of the automobile and make the public streets more pedestrian-friendly.

Site Plan
Unit Plans