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2005 Affordable and Sustainable Demonstration Home

Mar 7th, 2008

The Nageezi House is the Center’s first Affordable + Sustainable Demonstration Home. It is featured in Global Green USA’s Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing (Island Press, 2007) and was selected as part of the regional LEED for Homes Pilot program. The home was completed in July 2005 for the Augustines, a family of Navajo elders living on allotted land of the Navajo Nation in Nageezi, New Mexico.

The family’s dilapidated home was demolished and the new home was rebuilt on the original slab. Navajo students in the ASU College of Design were an integral part of the design and construction of the home and the effort evolved into a partnership between the Stardust Center, the Navajo Housing Authority and Navajo FlexCrete, a tribally-owned enterprise. Navajo FlexCrete is a highly insulated aerated concrete block made with fly-ash, a waste product of coal-energy production. The Nageezi House was the first to be built with this material.

The home’s innovative design reflects the traditional structures of the Navajo, including the hooghan (home) and the chahash’oh (shade structure). After the Augustines moved into their new home, the Stardust Center monitored the house for one year to determine its thermal performance. Overall, the home exceeded performance predictions, demonstrating a 60% reduction in energy use compared to a conventionally-constructed house of the same size. The Center is currently working with the Navajo Housing Authority to develop production versions of the Nageezi House for construction across the reservation.