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Coffelt Housing Revitalization

Jun 1st, 2008

The ASU Stardust Center of Affordable Homes and the Family assisted the Housing Authority of Maricopa County in working to successfully preserve and improve their public rental housing communities.  Coffelt Housing is a 302 unit, 1950’s era public housing community in South Phoenix.  The Center developed a conceptual plan to dramatically improve the community through the redevelopment of the site, significant renovation of the existing brick duplex units, and construction of new community facilities. The site redevelopment is intended to territorialize the site, eliminating the “no-man’s-land” between the units by creating smaller clustered communities around auto and pedestrian courtyards.

The new site plan restricts movement across the site to public sidewalks and roadways, and creates clearly defined front yards and backyards for each of the units.  Units are redesigned to include front porches and rear patios, as well as to incorporate green strategies to reduce water and energy use.

Site Plan
Unit Plans