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A Web-Based Clearinghouse on Housing Affordability and Sustainable Communities

Jul 21st, 2009

Arizona Department of Housing and the Stardust Center have developed a web-based clearinghouse that provides housing providers, professionals, and public officials access to documents and resources on a variety of topics pertaining to housing affordability and sustainable communities. The Clearinghouse resources target issues, practices, challenges, and solutions that hold particular relevance to communities and conditions in Arizona. In addition to documents culled from national information databases, it includes local material—such as housing elements of local general plans, successful programs and developments, local and statewide initiatives—that are not available in national databases. Users are able to browse and search for specific topics to find downloadable information they can use.

The clearinghouse is also a setting for timely dissemination of policies and legislative initiatives under consideration in various Arizona communities and at the state level. Other tools provided by the website are forum discussions on particular policies and initiatives among Arizona practitioners, and public education documents on housing affordability and sustainability.

The major topics the clearinghouse focuses on include:

  • housing development
  • funding mechanisms
  • housing preservation
  • land use and community planning
  • sustainable development
  • housing for target populations.

Arizona Collaborative Clearinghouse Highlights