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Analysis and Recommendations for Low-cost Sustainable Restoration of Maryvale Homes

Mar 10th, 2008

In 2007, a 2.5 square mile area of the Maryvale community located on the west side of the City of Phoenix, was awarded a Department of Justice Weed and Seed grant. With a population of 27,500, this community is statistically the most violent area in the city. In addition to criminal activity, there are several socioeconomic indicators of an area in need: almost 39% of the population speaks English “less than well or not at all”; educational levels are lower; unemployment is higher; teen pregnancy in an elementary school district and a high school district are the highest in the state; housing stock is old and conditions have deteriorated over the past ten years; and most of the area has been designated an infill incentive area by the city to promote the development of vacant lots for residential and economic purposes.

In 2008, the Stardust Center provided research and technical assistance to the Maryvale Weed and Seed Program for considering low-cost restoration of homes that improve operational/energy efficiency, minor structural deterioration, and code-compliant renovations in these 50+ year-old houses. Mapping housing, water consumption, and demographic information in the area, the final report allows planning and revitalization advocates in the Maryvale area to better assess and visualize the type of housing improvements needed in the different neighborhoods. Three consumer-oriented education brochures were produced and printed in Spanish and English and describe low-cost strategies for successfully repairing and renovating their homes to be code compliant, energy efficient, and reduce operational costs of maintaining their homes. Finally, energy analysis of two prototypical homes provided detailed information on suggested renovations needed to make these homes more energy efficient. This information was targeted to potential revitalization specialists.

Download the final report
Water Usage Brochure – Spanish
Water Usage Brochure – English
Energy Efficiency Brochure – Spanish
Energy Efficiency Brochure – English
Outdoor Storage Compliance Brochure – Spanish
Outdoor Storage Compliance Brochure – English