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ASU Educational Courses

Educational Courses

As part of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, the Stardust Center’s main goal is to further educate others on sustainable and affordable housing options. Courses that cover everything from urbanization, household budgets, family dynamics, and  housing policies will be available starting fall 2013.

Sustainability and Affordable Housing

Professionals, regardless of discipline or setting, encounter individuals and families impacted by their housing. This course will explore the complexities surrounding housing affordability and sustainability. We will cover sustainability thought and apply it to the problems of housing, focusing on : (1) housing supply and demand dynamics; (2) the effects of housing costs and quality on outcomes such as vehicle travel, household budgets and affordability, health, social equity, labor markets, economic growth, and energy use and emissions; (3) policy and planning for affordable housing both in a broad sense and within the Arizona context; and (4) case examples of local affordable housing projects and studies of sustainability impacts.

SOS 494 (SLN#26078)

SOS 591 (SLN#26079)

CRD 591 (SLN#28399)

PAF 591 (SLN#22442)

Mondays, 4:30p.m. – 7:15 p.m.

ASU Tempe Campus

Wrigley Hall, Room L1-14

Sustainability and Social and Family Welfare

Hand pointing to housing models
Emerging as a crucial element in decision-making, sustainability encompasses multiple perspectives, tradeoffs and impacts; offering new perspectives on social welfare problems and solutions. Students benefit from an understanding of social welfare that is developed through multiple lenses–including sustainability–to be effectively engaged in society and to contribute to creating a sustainable future.

Students critically examine potential solutions associated with major social issues and policy, family and household dynamics, neighborhood stability, social equity, environment and health. This course emphasizes the challenges involved in striving for social and economic justice in a pluralistic and diverse society with competing wants, needs, and values.

SOS494 (SLN#88327) or SOS591 (SLN#88322)

Thursdays, 9 – 11:45 a.m.

ASU Tempe Campus

Wrigley Hall, Room 201

Stardust Student Support

Stardust Student Fellows Program

The Stardust Center developed the Stardust Student Fellows program to provide unique hands-on learning opportunities for ASU students. The program engages students in the area of affordable housing, by embedding them with local providers working in affordable housing. This creates a “win-win” opportunity: students receive academic credit, a modest stipend and real-world work experience, while local providers receive valuable, free assistance in accomplishing their mission.

LEED Exam Prep-Scholarship Opportunity

Working with the Del E. Webb School of Construction, the Stardust Center offers a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) exam preparation course. The course is designed for students interested in acquiring LEED Green Associate credentials. The Green Associate credential is an important signifier for individuals looking to work for sustainability-focused organizations.

LEED Exam Scholarship Opportunity

The Stardust Center supports School of Sustainability students interested in taking the LEED Exam for Green Associate certification. The LEED Green Associate Scholarship is intended to help offset costs related to taking the exam. If awarded, student exam fees are reimbursed upon successful passage of the exam and receipt of the GA designation.

Arizona Healthy Communities Conference

The Stardust Center provided financial assistance for students interested in affordable housing to attend the Arizona Healthy Communities Conference in Mesa, Arizona. The conference is an annual training and networking event for affordable housing advocates and developers, as well as community development practitioners, planning and health professionals. The Stardust Center provides scholarships for students to attend the conference, enabling them to supplement what they had learned in the classroom and build their professional networks. Students must have previously taken at least one of ASU Stardust course to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.