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Zeenat Hasan

Zeenat Hasan

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of

Department of
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287


  • Graduate Research Assistant, Department of



Wutich, A. Y., B. Crona, M. Seetharam, P. Gober, P. K. Westerhoff, Z. Hasan and S. Avent. 2009. Ethnohydrology: A mixed method study of local water knowledge. Tempe, AZ. Poster presented at 11th Annual Central Arizona-Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) Poster Symposium, Tempe, AZ. January 15, 2009.


Hasan, Z. 2008. An ethnohydrologic evaluation of water quality in Phoenix, AZ. Tempe, AZ. Poster presented at the Community of Undergraduate Research Scholars (COURS) Poster Session, Tempe, AZ. April 30, 2008.



Gartin, M., Z. Hasan, S. Szupinski-Quiroga, C. G. Boone, A. Y. Wutich and A. A. Brewis. 2007. Childhood obesity, cultural understandings, and nutritional knowledge flow: Trans-disciplinary apporaches. Invited paper with the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition at the 2007 American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.