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Yueming Qiu

Yueming Qiu

Assistant Professor, Program of Technological Entreneurship and Innovation Management, Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management


Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management, Polytechnic Campus
Arizona State University
7231 E Sonoran Arroyo Mall
Mesa, AZ 85212


  • Assistant Professor, Program of Technological Entreneurship and Innovation Management, Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management


Yueming ("Lucy") Qiu joined the Arizona State University as an assistant professor in resource economics in 2012. Her main research area is energy economics and policy. She has worked on research projects on renewable energy, energy efficiency, electricity pricing experiments, and energy in the transportation sector. She graduated from Stanford University with a Ph.D from the Atmosphere/Energy program in 2012.


  • PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering (minor Management Science and Engineering), Stanford University, 2012
  • MA, Economics, Stanford University, 2012
  • BEng, Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2007


Journal Articles

In Press

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