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Tim Kohler

Tim Kohler

Regents' Professor, Department of Anthropology, Washington State University


Department of Anthropology
Washington State University
PO Box 644910
Pullman, WA 99164-4910


  • Regents' Professor, Department of Anthropology, Washington State University


Since arriving at Washington State University in 1978, Dr.; Kohler has increasingly specialized in Southwestern archaeology. In the late 1970s through the mid-1980s, he collaborated with William D. Lipe on the Dolores Archaeological Program in southwestern Colorado. Since then, he has directed excavations in Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, and the interdisciplinary NSF Coupled Natural & Human Systems-funded "Village Project" to understand the causes for changes in settlement systems in the eastern Southwest between A.D. 600 and 1500. He is a Research Associate at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, and an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico.


  • PhD, Anthropology, University of Florida, 1978
  • MA, Anthropology, University of Florida, 1975
  • AB, General Studies, New College of Sarasota, 1972

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