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Tiffany Troxler

Tiffany Troxler

Director, Sea-level Solutions Center, Florida International University

Miami Beach Urban Studios
Florida International University
420 Lincoln Rd, Ste 440
Miami Beach, FL 33130


  • Director, Sea-level Solutions Center, Florida International University


Tiffany Troxler, Director of the Sea level Solutions Center, is a research scientist with appointments in the Southeast Environmental Research Center and Department of Biological Sciences at Florida International University. Her research focus is wetland ecosystems ecology. Her research employs approaches that include landscape- to local-scale hydrological monitoring of surface and groundwater water quality and ecosystem responses to environmental change. Her research informs management and restoration of coastal and freshwater wetland ecosystems. She currently leads a collaborative effort that will examine the effects of salinity inundation associated with sea-level rise on soil carbon balance in Everglades coastal wetlands.

Journal Articles


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