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S Wyckoff

S Wyckoff

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287

Journal Articles


Kleine, M., S. Wyckoff, P. Wehinger and B. Peterson. 1995. The carbon isotope abundance ratio in Comet Halley.. Astrophysics Journal 1021.


Wyckoff, S. 1994. The cometary flourescence spectrum of cyanogen: a model.. Astrophysics Journal 885.


Wyckoff, S. 1992. A survey of N2H+ in dense molecular clouds: implications for interstellar nitrogen and ion-molecule chemistry. Astrophysics Journal 417.

Wyckoff, S. and L. Ziurys. 1992. Observational constraints on solar nebula nitrogen chemistry: N2/NH2.. Astrophysics Journal 204.


Wyckoff, S. 1991. Cometary constraints on the planet forming environment. Advances in Space Research 13.