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Neil Berman

Neil Berman

Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Chemical and Materials Engineering
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287


  • Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Journal Articles


Chen, R. R., D. L. Boyer, H. J. Fernando and N. S. Berman. 1996. Physical model of diurnal heating in the vicinity of a long mountain. Journal of Atmospheric Sciences 62-85.

Kim, K. J., N. S. Berman and B. D. Wood. 1996. Effect of 2-ethyl-1-hexanol on the absorption of water vapor into lithium bromide solutions. AlChE Journal 884-888.

Lee, J. K. and N. S. Berman. 1996. Tensile stress measurements of dilute polymer solutions containing traces of salts and dyes.. Journal of Rheology 1015-1025.


Berman, N. S., D. L. Boyer, A. J. Brazel, S. W. Brazel, R. R. Chen, H. J. Fernando and M. J. Fitch. 1995. Synoptic classification and physical model experiments to guide field studies in complex terrain. Journal of Applied Meteorology 34:719-730.


Berman, N. S. 1986. Lagrangian dispersion in turbulent flow from laser transit anemometry.. AlChE Journal 782-788.