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Mayank Kumar

Mayank Kumar

Visiting Fulbright Scholar

Decision Center for a Desert City, Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287


  • Visiting Fulbright Scholar


Mayank Kumar is associated with Decision Center for a Desert City as a Fulbright fellow to work on a research project, Water Management and Conservation in Arid Regions: A Comparative Study. This project is an attempt to examine the possible impacts of Climate Change on Water Issues in India, if any. He is also trying to examine the relevance and feasibility of traditional water management systems in the changed demographic and climatic context of Rajasthan.

He teaches History at Satyawati College (Eve.), University of Delhi, Delhi, India. His primary area of research is human-nature interactions in the pre-modern world. His area of field work has been arid and semi-arid landscapes of Rajasthan, India. Mayank kumar has conducted couple of research projects to document and examine the traditional water conservation systems in Rajasthan and social perceptions of environment.

Mayank Kumar’s familiarity and grasp over the vernacular Hindi regional literature of 16th and 17th centuries facilitated his larger research agenda to understand the intricacies of caste system- a unique system of social stratification visible only in India and its’ interactions with the ecological context. His research has resulted in several publications in refereed Journals.

To pursue his doctoral work he was awarded Junior Research fellowship by University Grants Commission of India. He has also secured Post Doctoral Fellowship, sponsored by Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Delhi, India to work on ‘Social Stratification and Politics of Natural Resource Management’.