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Marielle Abalo

Marielle Abalo

PhD Student, Biology and Society, School of Life Sciences

School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University
PO Box 874601
Tempe, AZ 85287-4601


  • PhD Student, Biology and Society, School of Life Sciences


Marielle’s interests focus on the intersections and relationship between human welfare and culture and surrounding ecological environments. Due to an affinity for animal behavior and marine/coastal ecosystems, she started to study sea lion behavior and its accompanying anthropogenic relationship. Arizona State University’s Biology and Society program is unique in that it’s housed within the School of Life Sciences and explicitly recognizes the importance of cultural studies for better biodiversity outcomes. She seeks to quantify marine mammal behavior while exploring the human dimensions of conservation.

Marielle learned about the Biology and Society program and the marine/coastal research of the School of Life Sciences from publications and papers used as references for her work. The explicit interdisciplinary nature of the program is well suited to her interests and provides a strong framework for seamless collaborations between different disciplines. She finds Biology and Society to be innovative by promoting interdisciplinary work and supporting both students and faculty interested in bridging the gap between natural and social sciences. She looks forward to contributing to ASU’s effort to include a wider range of interdisciplinary work designed to tackle modern day, complex conservation crises.



  • MS, Geography, University of Georgia
  • BS, Biology, Davidson College

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