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Ludwig Krabben

Ludwig Krabben

Journal Articles


Krabben, L., E. Schlodder, R. Jordan, D. Carbonera, G. Giacometti, H. Lee, A. N. Webber and W. Lubitz. 2000. Influence of the axial ligands on the spectral properties of P700 of photosystem I: A study of site-directed mutants. Biochemistry 39(47):13,012-13,025. DOI: 10.1021/bi001200q. (link )


Webber, A. N., H. Su, S. E. Bingham, H. Kass, L. Krabben, M. Kuhn, R. Jordan, E. Schlodder and W. Lubitz. 1996. Site-directed mutations affecting the spectroscopic characteristics and mid-point potential of the primary donor in photosystem I. Biochemistry 35(39):12,857-12,963. DOI: 10.1021/bi961198w. (link )

Book Chapters


Krabben, L., H. Kass, E. Schlodder, M. Kuhn, W. Lubitz, H. Su, S. E. Bingham and A. N. Webber. 1995. Site-directed mutations of PsaB for the study of cofactor protein and protein-protein interactions of Photosystem I. Pp. 123-126 In: Mathias, P. ed., Photosynthesis: from Light to Biosphere: Proceedings of the Xth International Photosynthesis Congress, Montpellier, France, 20–25 August 1995. Springer. ISBN: 978-0-7923-3862-8.