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Laurene Tumiel-Berhalter

Laurene Tumiel-Berhalter

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Schuster, R. C., E. M. Rodriguez, A. Ireland, N. Delviccho-Hitchcock, L. S. Kahn and L. Tumiel-Berhalter. Perceptions of cancer and cancer prevention among Somali Bantu and Karen refugees in Buffalo, NY. Journal of the National Medican Association


Kahn, L. S., B. M. Vest, R. Karl, L. Tumiel-Berhalter, R. Taylor, R. C. Schuster, K. Glaser, A. Danakas and C. H. Fox. 2013. Living with diabetes on Buffalo, New York’s culturally diverse West Side. Chronic Illness 9(1):43-56. DOI: 10.1177/1742395312450895. (link )

Vest, B. M., L. S. Kahn, A. Danzo, L. Tumiel-Berhalter, R. C. Schuster, R. Karl, R. Taylor, K. Glaser, A. Danakas and C. H. Fox. 2013. Diabetes self-management in a low-income population: Impacts of social support and relationships with the health care system. Chronic Illness 9(2):145-155. DOI: 10.1177/1742395313475674. (link )