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Kensuke Fukushi

Kensuke Fukushi

Journal Articles


Wiek, A., J. Harlow, R. Melnick, S. van der Leeuw, K. Fukushi, K. Takeuchi, F. Farioli, F. Yamba, A. Blake, C. Geiger and R. Kutter. 2015. Sustainability science in action: A review of the state of the field through case studies on disaster recovery, bioenergy, and precautionary purchasing. Sustainability Science 10(1):17-31. DOI: 10.1007/s11625-014-0261-9. (link )


Wiek, A. D., F. Farioli, K. Fukushi and M. Yarime. 2012. Sustainability science: bridging the gap between science and society. Sustainability Science 7(1):1-4.