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Katherine Crewe

Katherine Crewe

Associate Professor, School of Planning

School of Planning
Arizona State University
PO Box 872005
Tempe, AZ 85287-2005


  • Associate Professor, School of Planning

Journal Articles


Crewe, K., A. J. Brazel and A. Middel. 2016. Desert new urbanism: Testing for comfort in downtown Tempe, Arizona. Journal of Urban Design 21(6):746-763. DOI: 10.1080/13574809.2016.1187558. (link )


Musacchio, L. R., K. Crewe, F. Steiner and J. Schmidt. 2003. The future of agricultural landscape preservation in the Phoenix metropolitan region. Landscape Journal 22(2):140-154. (link )


Brazel, A. J. and K. Crewe. 2002. Preliminary test of a surface heat island model (SHIM) and implications for a desert urban environment. Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science 34(2):98-105. (link )



Brazel, A. J., K. Crewe, A. Middel and S. Kaplan. 2015. Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ downtowm microclimate - an APA-Designated Best Street. Poster presented at the 9th International Conference on Urban Climate (ICUC9), July 20-24, 2015, Tourlouse, France.



Brazel, A. J., K. Crewe and A. Middel. 2009. Tradeoffs between water and heat in Phoenix, Arizona - toward a more climatically sustainable city. Baton Rouge, LA. Presentation at the October 28-31, 32nd Annual Meeting of the Applied Geographers Organization.