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Jim Burke

Jim Burke

Deputy Director, Parks, Recreation, & Library

City of Phoenix
200 West Washington Street, Floor 16
Phoenix, AZ 85003-1611


  • Deputy Director, Parks, Recreation, & Library

Journal Articles


Foster, D. R., F. Swanson, J. D. Aber, J. Burke, N. Brokaw, D. Tilman and A. K. Knapp. 2003. The importance of land-use legacies to ecology and conservation. BioScience 53(1):77-88.

Book Chapters


Parady, K., J. Lavato, J. Wolf, D. Hulme and J. Burke. 2009. Commercial wind energy development in Wyoming: A guide for landowners. William D. Ruckelshaus Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources, University of Wyoming.