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Jean-Francois Hamel

Jean-Francois Hamel

Journal Articles


Conand, C., B. Polidoro, A. Mercier, R. Gamboa, J. Hamel and S. Purcell. 2014. The IUCN Red List assessment of aspidochirotid sea cucumbers and its implications. SPC Bech-de-mer Information Bulletin 34:3-7. (link )

Purcell, S. W., B. A. Polidoro, J. Hamel, R. U. Gamboa and A. Mercier. 2014. The cost of being valuable: Predictors of extinction risk in marine invertebrates exploited as luxury seafood. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281(1781):20133296. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2013.3296. (link )



Knapp, A. K., B. A. Polidoro, J. J. Alvarado, M. Benavides, K. E. Carpenter, C. Conand, R. U. Gamboa, J. Hamel, H. Harwell, A. Mercier, E. P. Ortiz, S. Purcell and M. V. Toral-Granda. 2012. Extinction risk of the world's sea cucumber species (order Aspidochirotida). Presentation at the 22-24 March 2012 Benthic Ecology Meeting, Norfolk, VA.