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Jazmine Russell

Jazmine Russell

School of Sustainability
Arizona State University
PO Box 875502
Tempe, AZ 85287-5502


I am interested in how climate change may impact human-ecological-technological systems. Specifically, my research is focused on investigating Arizona reservoir water quality to better project trends under an uncertain climate future and to develop improved water quality monitoring techniques. I utilize both in-situ water quality data generated through field sampling and remotely sensed reflectance data to gain a more nuanced spatial and temporal understanding of water quality parameters in sites of interest.

Teaching Assistant Experience

  • BIO 182 - General Biology II Lab


  • MS, Sustainability, Arizona State University, 2018
  • BA, Biology, concentration in Environmental Science, Colby College, 2013




Russell, J. B. and S. Neuer. 2018. Utilizing remotely sensed data to monitor algal blooms and water quality in Arizona reservoirs. Poster presented at the 20th Annual CAP LTER All Scientists Meeting and Poster Symposium, January 5, 2018, Skysong, Scottsdale, AZ. (link )