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James Cordes

James Cordes

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Walker, J. W., J. E. Cordes, G. J. Manning and B. K. Sullivan. Aspidoscelis tigris septentrionalis (Burger, 1950), Plateau Tiger Whiptail, in the western United States: Individial, ontogenetic, and geographic variation in color pattern. Herpetological Conservation and Biology


Sullivan, B. K., M. R. Douglas, J. M. Walker, J. E. Cordes, M. A. Davis, W. J. Anthonysamy, K. O. Sullivan and M. E. Douglas. 2014. Conservation and management of polytypic species: The little striped whiptail complex (Aspidoscelis inornata) as a case study. Copeia 2014(3):519-529. DOI: 10.1643/CG-13-140. (link )


Sullivan, B. K., J. M. Walker, H. L. Taylor, J. E. Cordes, M. A. Kwiatkowski, K. O. Sullivan, J. R. Sullivan, M. R. Douglas and M. E. Douglas. 2013. Morphological diagnosability of Aspidoscelis arizonae (Squamata: Teiidae) as an indication of evolutionary divergence in the Aspidoscelis ornata complex. Copeia 2013(3):366-377. (link )