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Gregg Garfin

Gregg Garfin

Deputy Director for Science Translation and Outreach, Institute of the Environment


Institute of the Environment
University of Arizona
715 N. Park Ave., 2nd Fl.
Tucson, AZ 85721-0156


  • Deputy Director for Science Translation and Outreach, Institute of the Environment


As Institute for the Environment Deputy Director for Science Translation and Outreach, Gregg Garfin works to bridge the science-society interface in order to accelerate the transfer of University of Arizona environmental and climate science findings and techniques to resource managers, planners, policy makers, and other decision-makers in the region. Ongoing work includes developing sustained interactions between University of Arizona environmental scientists, environmental professionals, decision-makers, and the public, in order to improve the scientific basis for resource management and environmental policy. This involves fostering dialogues between scientists and stakeholders, garnering stakeholder input to research agendas and activities, disseminating research results and products, and conducting workshops on topics of interest to Southwest decision-makers.

He is a co-investigator on the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) project, a NOAA-funded integrated assessment designed to identify and evaluate climate impacts on human and natural systems in the Southwest. His CLIMAS work includes identifying climate services useful to assisting stakeholders mitigate, cope with, and adapt to climate-related risks.

Dr. Garfin is trained as a climatologist, dendroclimatologist and geographer. His research interests include climate variability and change, drought, and the effective delivery of science to decision makers. Dr. Garfin is co-chair of Arizona s drought monitoring technical committee.

Journal Articles


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Book Chapters


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Conference Papers


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