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Georges Bonani

Georges Bonani

Journal Articles


Clark, J. F., M. Stute, P. Schlosser, S. Drenkard and G. Bonani. 1997. A tracer study of the Floridan Aquifer in southeastern Georgia: Implications for groundwater flow and paleoclimate. Water Resources Research 33(2):281-289. DOI: 10.1029/96WR03017. (link )


Schlosser, P., G. Bonisch, B. Kromer, H. H. Loosli, R. Buhler, R. Bayer, G. Bonani and K. P. Koltermann. 1995. Mid-1980s distribution of tritium, 3He, 14C and 39Ar in the Greenland/Norwegian Seas and the Nansen Basin of the Arctic Ocean. Progress in Oceanography 35(1):1-28. DOI: 0.1016/0079-6611(95)00003-Y. (link )

Stute, M., M. Forster, M. Frischkorn, J. F. Clark, P. Schlosser, W. S. Broecker and G. Bonani. 1995. Cooling of tropical Brazil (5°C) during the last glacial maximum. Science 269(5222):379-383. DOI: 10.1126/science.269.5222.379. (link )


Schlosser, P., B. Kromer, R. Weppernig, H. H. Loosli, R. Bayer, G. Bonani and M. Suter. 1994. The distribution of 14C and 39Ar in the Weddell Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research 99(C3):10,275-10,287. (link )