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Frauke Kraas

Frauke Kraas

+49 221-470-7050

Department of Geography
University Of Cologne
Cologne, 50923

Book Chapters


Heinrichs, D., R. M. Aggarwal, J. Barton, E. Bharucha, C. Butsch, M. Fragkias, P. Johnston, F. Kraas, K. Krellenberg, A. Lampis, O. G. Ling and J. Vogel. 2011. Adapting cities to climate change: Opportunities and constraints. Pp. 193-224 In: Hoonweg, D., M. Freira, R. M. Lee, P. Bhada and B. Yuen eds., Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda. World Bank. Washington, D.C.