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Debra Emmanuelle

Debra Emmanuelle

Founder and President, Green Papillon Alliance and Green Papillon World Community Project

Sedona, AZ


  • EMSL, 2015
  • Founder and President, Green Papillon Alliance and Green Papillon World Community Project


As the founder of Green Papillon Alliance and Green Papillon World Community Project Debra's responsibilities are to procure funding to secure appropriate land, build climate-controlled greenhouses that are run solely on renewable energy and launch sustainability education programs at all levels of community. She and her partners are responsible for researching the most practical, affordable technologies, energy systems and organic growing systems and aligning with contractors who are as committed to sustainability principles and practices as they are. Networking with local businesses, non-profit organizations, municipal leaders, school administrators in all educational arenas from pre-K – graduate studies, to create, promote and support collaborative partnerships and learning organizations.

Once funding is procured, her responsibilities will shift to hiring people to fill the needed management and worker positions. Once the first prototype model is fully operational, my responsibilities will again shift to scaling and replicating the model nationally and internationally.

Capstone: Sustainability – A Shift In Perspective (Sustainability Education for Evolution SEE)

On the edge of potentially cataclysmic crisis, due to short-term, profit-focused thinking over the last 75 years, humanity has reached a crossroads. The time of blindly extracting, exploiting and consuming the natural resources of our planet and dumbing-down our educational system to perpetuate the control of a few can only be over when the masses say it is over. What is required for this to happen is a massive-scale, evolutionary change of perception - do we have it in us?

Green Papillon Alliance (GPA) is a for-profit organic, local food production and distribution company dedicated to social responsibility, environmental stewardship and education founded in empowerment. Green Papillon World Community Project is the non-profit sister organization to GPA, committed to collaborating with local, national and global organizations to expand the scope of GPA for the purpose of ending world hunger by 2035. These greenhouses will run independently, off the conventional electrical grid and can be placed in deserts, on First Nation reservations, in large cities, rural areas and in developing countries.


  • EMSL, Sustainability Leadership, Arizona State University, 2015