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Daphne Green

Daphne Green


Town of Youngtown
12030 North Clubhouse Square
Youngtown, AZ 85363-1212


  • Mayor

Journal Articles


Fry, J., F. R. Steiner and D. M. Green. 1994. RESA evaluation method for riparian areas along the Agua Fria River.. Landscape and Urban Planning 179-199.

Green, D. M. and J. H. Brock. 1994. Soil chemical conditions of four plant communities in an urban riparian zone. Landscape and Urban Planning 179-199.

Book Chapters

In Press

Green, D. M. and M. G. Baker. Riparian vegetation along a gradient of urbanization in the upper Sonoran Desert.



Green, D. M., M. M. Oleksyszyn and C. M. Farley. 1999. CO2 flux and enzyme activity under two patch type conversion scenarios. Poster presented at the 22 January 1999, CAP LTER First Annual Poster Symposium, Center for Environmental Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe.



Ohmart, R. D., L. H. Myers, W. L. Graf, M. Hurley, D. M. Green, J. H. Brock and C. D. Zisner. 1998. Rapid assessment of riparian systems. Report submitted to Arizona Game and Fish Department.