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Dale Quattrochi

Dale Quattrochi

Journal Articles


Wentz, E. A., S. Anderson, M. Fragkias, M. Netzband, V. Mesev, S. W. Myint, D. A. Quattrochi, A. Rahman and K. C. Seto. 2014. Supporting global environmental change research: A review of trends and knowledge gaps in urban remote sensing. Remote Sensing 6(5):3879-3905. DOI: 10.3390/rs6053879. (link )


Myint, S. W., E. A. Wentz, A. J. Brazel and D. A. Quattrochi. 2013. The impact of distinct anthropogenic and vegetation features on urban warming. Landscape Ecology 28(5):959-978. DOI: 10.1007/s10980-013-9868-y. (link )


Wentz, E. A., D. A. Quattrochi, M. Netzband and S. W. Myint. 2012. Synthesizing urban remote sensing through application, scale, data and case studies. Geocarto International 27(5):425-442. DOI: 10.1080/10106049.2012.687400. (link )

Book Chapters


Myint, S. W., V. Mesev, D. A. Quattrochi and E. A. Wentz. 2015. Urban image classification: Per-pixel classifiers, subpixel analysis, object-based image analysis, and geospatial methods. In: Thenkabail, P. S. ed., Remote Sensing Handbook - Three Volume Set. CRC Press. ISBN: 9781482218015.