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Catherine Cunningham

Catherine Cunningham

Instructor, School of Sustainability

School of Sustainability
Arizona State University
PO Box 875502
Tempe, AZ 85287-5502


  • Instructor, School of Sustainability


Since 2007, Catherine has led Eikosphere.LLC to deliver clients in top business development strategies, communications, interactive media, photography galleries, and short films on social, environmental issues for world leaders in business and government committed to the integrated bottom line. She launched in 2015 a new lifestyle brand called Natural Intelligence to promote human+nature relationships, healthy living, a re-tuning to our natural rhythm and creative self expression. She is now producing a series of short films with Natural Intelligence Media, entitled Earth Legends for global clients in 2016-2017. Catherine has travelled, wrote, photographed in 65 countries; interviewed 100’s of thought leaders on Global Change for Eikosphere’s creative, strategic, media projects and Nature’s Reflection Photography (since 2004).

In 2015, she launched a new Nature’s Reflection Photography Gallery online with Fine Art Imaging to bring nature’s reflection in to people’s homes, lives, and workplaces. Catherine aims to partner with galleries to show & sell limited editions of her 200 top selling images to the larger art community, also to raise funds for her favorite conservation organizations, like Global Footprint Network and the Nature Conservancy. She teaches  a master’s course in sustainability and corporate communications at Arizona State University and a Global Sustainability Core course at ASU & Chapman University. Catherine earned a PhD studying climate impacts on mountains at ETHZ, Switzerland. Before ETHZ she taught biology, ecology, environmental science at Denver State College and worked as an Ecologist for Boulder, Colorado. She holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology and International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame and an MS from Utah State in ecology focused on mountain ecosystems. She is an avid yoga practitioner, ski mountaineer, cyclist, and beach runner… and is a happy soul on a quest to find and awaken natural intelligence in our world!

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  • PhD, Climate, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ)
  • MS, Ecology, Utah State University
  • BA, Cultural Anthropology and International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame