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Carole Klopatek

Carole Klopatek

Department of Microbiology
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287
Department of
Sustainable Cities--Fort McDowell
Tempe, AZ 85287

Journal Articles


Klopatek, C. C., P. Dalla-Betta, S. Hunter, M. Johnson, E. Birge and J. Schmidt. 1997. Microbial succession in arid soils during bioremediation. Journal of Industrial Microbiology

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Murphy, K., R. Conant, B. Malin, J. King, C. C. Klopatek and J. M. Klopatek. 1997. Implications of patterns of C pools and fluxes across a semi-arid environmental gradient. Landscape and Urban Planning

Murphy, K., R. Conant, J. Obst, W. E. Davis, C. C. Klopatek and J. M. Klopatek. 1997. Influences of potential climate change on carbon flux and cycling in semiarid systems:effects on belowground sustainability.. Journal of the Society of American Forestry


Oneill, E. G., D. W. Freckman, C. S. Bledsoe, D. C. Coleman, D. A. Crossley Jr, E. . Ingham, D. Parkinson, C. C. Klopatek and J. M. Klopatek. 1992. The sustainable biosphere initiative: a commentary from the US Soil Ecology Society.. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 223-228.


Klopatek, C. C., J. M. Klopatek and L. F. DeBano. 1990. Potential landscape variation of nitrogen transformations in pinyon-juniper ecosystems subjected to burning.. Biology and Fertility of Soils 35-44.

Book Chapters


Klopatek, C. C., J. M. Klopatek and L. F. DeBano. 1991. Fire effects on carbon and nitrogen pools of woodland floor materials in a pinyon-juniper ecosystem. Pp. 154-159 USDA Forest Service. SE Exper. Sta., Ashville, SC.