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Carol Raish

Carol Raish

Research Social Scientist, US Forest Service

US Forest Service


  • Research Social Scientist, US Forest Service


Ph.D., Anthropology/Archaeology, University of New Mexico, 1988; M.A., Anthropology/Archaeology, University of Nebraska, 1979; B.A., Spanish, Washburn University, 1968

Carol's interests in anthropology and archaeology began when she took an anthropology class as an undergraduate. Six years after obtaining her bachelor's degree, she returned to school to pursue advanced degrees in anthropology. Her interests in the field include studying similarities in farming and ranching across cultures, and in exploring underlying causes of land-use conflict. She also examines the importance of small-scale ranching to maintaining the heritage and traditions of families and individuals. She served as a temporary employee for the Forest Service for archaeology projects with the Cibola National Forest before becoming a permanent employee in 1989.

Carol is examining cultural and ethnic variations in fire use and management practices. She is also studying homeowner attitudes toward fire threat mitigation. She is conducting research to determine management practices favored by communities and users of Valles Caldera National Preserve and continues her work with understanding the role and importance of ranching to families and communites. Results of her studies will help the Forest Service to understand the importance of ranching in rural Hispanic cultures as well as to better manage Forest Service relations with communities and individuals.

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