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Bryan McLaren

Bryan McLaren

EMSL, 2015

Scottsdale, AZ


  • Chief Executive Officer, Zoned Properties, Inc.
  • EMSL, 2015


After initially being recruited as the Chief Sustainability Officer, McLaren was promoted as the Chief Executive Officer for Zoned Properties, Inc. In his role as CEO, McLaren is responsible for strategic development and operational implementation of nation-wide projects and programs on behalf of the company. Using his experience in organizational development and Corporate Social Responsibility, McLaren will work to ensure a profitable and prosperous future for the shareholders and stakeholders of Zoned Properties.

Capstone: Medical Marijuana: Impacts and Considerations for a Sustainable Community

Can the development of a medical marijuana program create a more sustainable and more prosperous community? The medical marijuana market may prove to be one of the most influential developments for our modern communities and has the potential to create significant impacts on our culture, our marketplace, and our ecosystem. However, there is an alarming lack of scientific information available for decision-makers in the industry to be able to make objective choices regarding program implementation. Therefore, we need to advocate for a developmental process that can objectively address these kinds of questions as the medical marijuana market matures.


  • EMSL, Sustainability Leadership, Arizona State University, 2015