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W Kincaid

W Kincaid

Professor, Department of Life Sciences


Department of Life Sciences
Mesa Community College
1833 W. Southern
Mesa, AZ 85202


  • Professor, Department of Life Sciences

Journal Articles


Kincaid, W. B. 1990. Using the learning cycle to teach biology concepts and reasoning skills. VISION 26-30.


Kincaid, W. B. and T. H. Nash III. 1988. Detection of a sulfur dioxide signal in a tree-ring record: a case study from Trail, British Columbia, Canada.. GeoJournal 17(2):189-192.


Fox, C. A., W. B. Kincaid, T. H. Nash III, D. L. Young and H. C. Fritts. 1986. Tree-ring variation in Western Larch (Larix occidentalis) exposed to sulfur dioxide emissions.. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 283-292.


Kincaid, W. B. and G. N. Cameron. 1985. Interactions of hispid cotton rats with a patchy environment: dietary responses and habitat selection.. Ecology 66(6):1769-1783.