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Alexandra Slaymaker

Alexandra Slaymaker

MSUS, 2016, School of Sustainability

School of Sustainability
Arizona State University
PO Box 875502
Tempe, AZ 85287-5502


  • MSUS, 2016, School of Sustainability


Alex is a driven, passionate, and innately curious sustainability scientist dedicated to increasing the resilience, livability, and equity of America's urban systems by building vision-directed and solution-focused social capital. Alex plans to utilize her interpersonal and analytical skills to systemically and strategically transform Rust Belt cities into thriving hubs of innovation and excitement. Specific areas of interest within this context are waste, water, energy, mobility, housing, and food systems.

Teaching Assistant Experience

  • SOS 110 Sustainable World, 2015
  • SOS 323 Sustainable Urban Dynamics, 2014


  • MSUS, Sustainable Solutions, Arizona State University, 2016
  • BA, Environmental Planning and Policy (minor geography), Ohio University, 2014


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Book Chapters


Prosser, P., S. Patel, A. Slaymaker and S. Cloutier. 2016. Broadening opportunities for happiness with local knowledge. Pp. 209-229 In: Turvey, R. A., S. Kurissery and I. F. Pendea eds., Environmental Sustainability. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. Toronto, Canada. ISBN: 9781119361800.



Al Rasabi, O., H. Archer, T. A. Azizi, E. Bondank, R. Caccavale, N. R. Chepyala, D. Eisenberg, M. Elzomor, B. Gorman, Y. Kim, M. Klaas, S. Koride, D. Krantz, C. Langlois, A. Mishra, C. Musili, V. Muvva, C. Nassar, U. Parikh, C. Quintans, R. Santiago, K. Schattnik, K. Shah, A. Shinn, S. Sifferman, A. Slaymaker, P. Soneji, L. Taege, C. Thomas, D. Velez, K. Wang and X. Zhang. 2016. Safe-to-Fail Adaptation Strategies for Phoenix-Area Roadways Under Increasing Precipitation. Arizona State University. ASU - SSEBE - CESEM - 2016 - CPR - 001. (link )

University College Outstanding Graduate Award, Ohio University, 2014

Ohio State Sustainability Leader, Office of Sustainability, Ohio State University, 2014